Creative / Art Director + Photographer

James Vigliano

Creative / Art Director + Photographer

Distinguish > Transform > Globalize

Seeking to have your business distinguishable from others? It’s not just ‘social’. From paper to completion, I have over fifteen years experience bringing world-class branding solutions, including refreshing Fortune 500 brands, concepting advertisements, and strategizing with startups globally to develop and launch their new identity. Clients/agencies hire me (or with a team) because they would like to conceptually and graphically distinguish themselves from their competitors. It’s that simple.

Qualifications & Career Highlights
Over 15 years experience working globally
   • Previously in Vietnam rebranding/strategizing/photographing a luxury bedding and accessories company. 
   • Stopped in Tokyo, designed an identity for a renowned speaker on education. 
   • In New York, helped launch RawSpeed Racing, a local High-Speed Motorbike Racing Team, to start a reality web-series based on the drama of a race season. 
   • Also cured a Ho Chi Minh-based tech startup and a Beijing-based financial don of their branding woes.
   • Have worked at more than a few advertising agencies in New York – Ogilvy, DiMassimo, Bozell, Digitas, etc – on the largest credit card company, branding the largest cellphone carrier in the US, and helping win new businesses.
Available per-project, freelance/consultant, or staff if appropriate

Parsons School of Design Alumni, BFA
Peking University Alumni, Certificate

Branding & IdentityAdvertising | Strategy | Photography

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